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Our research

Guided by our zero vision for climate impact and harmful exhaust emissions in future transportation our research during the present program period 2018-2021 will focus on

  • Engine Efficiency
  • Engines for Renewable Fuels
  • Engines with Ultralow Exhaust Emission
  • Engines for Hybrid Vehicles 

Research areas AND Ongoing projects

CI and SI combustion

Reducing Heat Transfer in IC Engines

Marine Engine Fuel Injection

Particle formation in homogeneously charged SI-engines

Heavy Duty Fuel Injection

Low temperature combustion

Low Temperature Combustion

Combustion and spray modelling and diagnostics

Spray Formation Dynamics

Modelling of lean turbulent burning in SI engines

Modelling support for high performance modelling of Particulate filters

Multi Component Spray-Turbulence Interaction

Optical Methods for Spray and Combustion Diagnostics

Representative Interactive Linear Eddy Model II

Transient Spray Modes

Optical diagnostics

Combustion simulation with CFD

Gas exchange and turbocharging

Gas Dynamics of Exhaust Valves

Valve Startegies and Exhaust Pulse Utilization

Engine Optimized Turbine Design

On the impact of non - isothermal and pulsating flow on turbocharger turbine performance

On the Aerodynamically Generated Sound in Centrifugal Compressors

Particle Characterisation in the Gas Exchange System of a DI/SI Engines

Control of Particle Agglomeration with relevance to after-treatment Gas Processes

Experimental analysis of whistle noise in a particla agglomeration pipe

Waste heat recovery

Volumetric Expanders for WHR in HD Trucks

Low- and high-temperature waste heat recovery in internal combustion engines - WP3

Low- and high-temperature waste heat recovery in internal combustion engines -WP4  

ICE in hybrid powertrains

Emission aware energy management of hybrid vehicles

EATS modelling towards zero emissions

Renewable fuel combustion

Heavy Duty DISI Gas Exchange Requirements with Renewable Fuels

Future alternative transportation fuels

Gas engine control

Combustion control

Combustion Control


Doctoral theses abstracts as well as journal and conference papers can be found at our Library page.

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Publication Policy

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