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News in Swedish

The SICEC comeptence centras are based in Sweden, where the question of what type of engine and which fuel is the more climate friendly is often debated. Below is a list of recent newspaper articles, only available in Swedish but with a short summary in English.  

"Förbränningsmotorn är en del av lösningen för att nå nära nollutsläpp från våra transportmedel"

("The internal combustion engine is part of the solution in order to reach close to zero emissions from transports")

Op-ed by Lucien Koopmans, Professor and Head of Division at Combustion and Propulsion Systems/Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Sustainable transports that do not contribute to increased greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution despite an increased need for transports require

  • Environmentally efficient vehicles that a large part of the world's population can afford
  • Vehicles that are environmentally efficient from a life cycle perspective

Link to the article as pdf

”Förbränningsmotorer bör inte förbjudas”

("Do not ban combustion engines")

Op-ed in Svenska Dagbladet, 2019-02-03

Six Swedish experts on mobility and environment call on the Swedish Government to ban fossil fuels, rather than cars with engines running on petrol or diesel. The authors argue in this op-ed, as a response to article 31 in the "January Agreement" between parties S,C, L and MP, that also cars with combustion engines that can run on renewable fuels will be needed in a fossil-free society.

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”Fossilförbudet är ett luftslott som sätter krokben för lösningarna”

("The fossil ban is just a daydream that will keep back the solutions")

Op-ed in Ny Teknik, 2019-01-22

The new government wants to increase the production of biofuels and, at the same time, ban the cars that will use the fossil-free fuels. The agreement is not realistic, argues Ulf Svahn at the Swedish Petroleum and Biofuels Institute (SPIB).

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