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About us

SICEC is a research cooperation between three Swedish Internal Combustion Engine competence centers: KCFP at Lund University, CERC at Chalmers University of Technology and CCGEx at Royal Institute of Technology.  

Our Mission

Create and communicate fundamental knowledge and understanding of combustion and gas exchange processes through theoretical and experimental research. Investigate and evaluate ICE technologies aiming for Energy efficiency, Renewable fuels and Hybridization.

Create and develop close and efficient R&D cooperation between Universities and the Motor Industry. Educate PhD’s and Post Doctoral Fellows and promote high quality education of Master Students.


Internal Combustion Engine is and will continue to be the predominant global prime mover for ground transport vehicles in the foreseeable future thanks to outstanding operational flexibility, reliability and overall cost efficiency.

Zero Climate Impact

By focused research on energy efficiency and adaptation to renewable fuels, climate impact will long term be eliminated.

Zero Harmful Exhaust Emissions

Dedicated research on exhaust emission reduction including ICE aftertreatment system integration has the potential to practically eliminate harmful emissions.

Competence centres

KCFP – Centre of Competence in Combustion Processes - focuses on combustion processes between "conventional" HCCI (Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition) and the classical Otto and Diesel concepts. Partially Premixed Combustion (PPC) with the right level of premixed combustion is a very promising concept that KCFP pursues.

CERC - Combustion Engine Research Center - concentrates on research aiming for reductions both of fuel consumption and engine exhaust emissions. The projects at the centre include both experimental validation of models and systems and new concepts associated with alternative fuels. 

CCGEx – Competence Center for Gas Exchange - focuses on research regarding gas management in modern internal combustion engines for vehicles. The aim is to make engines more effective and environment-friendly and decrease fuel consumption without losing performance.


The three SICEC competence centers are funded in program periods of four years, jointly by the Swedish Energy Agency, industry and academia.

Total funding for the present program period is 360 MSEK including in-kind contributions.

International Scientific Advisors


Assoc. Prof. Silvia Marelli, University of Genoa, Italy

Prof. Martti Larmi, Aalto University, Finland


Prof. André Boehman, University of Michigan

Prof. Christian Hasse, TU Darmstadt


Dr. Zoran Filipi, Clemson University, South Carolina

Dr. Robert Wagner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory